eat pray love

eat pray loveeat pray love

this is proberly my only five star movie.
i found similarities inside, but also extremely diffierences, such as, as a "traditional" chinese girl, i cannot enjoy sex like americans and europeans they do. honestly, i want but i cant.

eat pray love

but it's like a guildline to me, to my life. i admire the way Julia live her live. but the big difference is that she is much older. and which means i will do a lot more crazy things than her.

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i realized i have fear deep inside. i did not sure before. through i am not one hundred percentage sure right now, at least there is a chance that i actually am afraid of what i have and what i am going to have later.

i love eating, i think the most precious things in the world is enjoying great food, with right music. i can even recite the scene in the movie that when Julia was eating her spagetti, when she put those cheese crisp onto the spapetti, that delightful music came out....i want to be in that scene in exchange with my ten years life. and wine and coffee, oh i can totally pay my life for it. but maybe its the first level of life.

the next level i think should come to pray. i didnt pray, but after this movie, i think i need to try to pray and try some meditation also. skip this part.

now i think the ultimate level is love, i havent been to that part yet. i still need to figure it out.

after all, its all in serendipity.

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